Well maybe it is a sign. A sign that ours is a great love story. Cause what’s a great love story without obstacles to overcome? Every fairy tale has them. Terrible trials that only the worthy can transcend but you can’t give up. That’s the deal. We want the happy ending, we can’t give up

if you don't believe in even the possibility of magic you'll never ever find it.
{he touches things}

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couldn’t resist making a new phone wallpaper 

"When we first told Stana a little about the storyline, she was so excited that she was gonna get to be tortured. So very excited." - Andrew Marlowe

In The Belly Of The Beast Commentary

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Castle & Beckett || I Don’t Dance 

{ I don’t dance, But here I am spinning you around and around in circles }


Their faces. Ugh.

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We needed to find something that would make sense for the character, that was believable as her mother’s dress. It had to be romantic, it had to be elegant, and classic in a way. I like all of that. I love the dress.

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"If you can finish every day with maybe three victories for a character, when you’re doing episodic, if you can hit at least three victories, that’s really nice."

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4x23 Always [completed scene]

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stana katic + bloopers

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